Nick Tauro Jr.

A photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Nick Tauro Jr. initiated the forming of the Latent Image Collective. He also maintains this website. His hope for the collective is to build bridges across cultures through shared artistic vision. He lives by a simple dictum: "Always be looking."


Francesco di Marco

Francesco is "noonesvision" a slow analog-mind based in Imperia, Italy. He is a photographer and a visionary. Francesco is also an editor of the upcoming magazine "Voyelles & Visions" a photographic journal of poetry.


Karen Mazur

Photographer based in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Photography is magic, brought to life through light coupled with the silver gelatin and darkroom arts or bits and bytes. If it’s a story that’s meant to be told, someone with a tuned-in eye and a box with a hole to let in light will find it.


Jeff Rhode

Jeff Rhode is a multimedia producer at a Holy Name Medical Center in New Jersey, USA. Jeff has former experience working in higher education and in the photo department at a daily newspaper. Having experience producing photography and video for 3 non profits to help foster children and homeless teens in NJ, and currently traveling to Haiti to document the people and conditions in Milot, Haiti, Jeff says he is “blessed and there is nothing better than helping others in any way I can” and “every experience is rewarding in it’s own way."


Shelly Cornick

Shelly Cornick lived and grew up in a small town in the south of England, which she managed to escape at a young age and never looked back. After living in Japan, Austria, Spain and Australia, she now lives and teaches in St Petersburg, Russia. A self- taught photographer, her photos document the ageing architecture and urban decay of a modern city with a soviet heart. Her photos capture the surreal and neo-expressionist aspects of the city, and show that beauty can lie in abandonment. She dreams of owning a Lada.


Cornelia Reidinger

Cornelia is a photographer currently based in Vienna, Austria. She studied art photography with her main focus in portrait, street and documentary photography. Inspired by the works of Elliott Erwitt and Robert Frank, she carries a camera with her all the time and loves to switch between analog and digital, depending on the work assignment.


Jola Sopek

Jola comes from Łódź, Poland and is currently based in Brighton, England. She likes to think that there are no bad photographs and that all good shots come out as a result of having sliced multiple pieces of reality. In order to question what photography means to her and why she feels inclined to shoot at all, she’s been building a continuous visual stream of images. The answers are yet to be found (or not).


JM Ramírez-Suassi

JM was born in Majorca, Spain and now lives and works in Madrid. His photographs, which at first sight, appear to fit seamlessly into the great nowhere, involve many visits to the same landscapes to observe the changes, year after year. “Peripheries” is an ongoing series documenting the outskirts of  Madrid. His recent work “Eden” emphasizes seemingly casual shots of his family and friends. JM has exhibited his artwork in Europe and USA. He is a self-taught.


Fábio M. Roque

Fábio is a photographer born in Lisbon and based in Sintra, Portugal. He studied photography at I.P.F. (Portuguese Institute of Photography), Lisbon between 2004 and 2007, then attended the workshops of History of Photography Contemporary at Ar.Co., 2010, and Photojournalism in MEF, 2013. Fábio worked as a photojournalist at the beginning of his career, and his work is still maintains a documentary style, though more recently he discovered a passion for a more personal kind of photography. He has already had several solo exhibitions and runs the small publishing house, "The Unknown Books."

the unknown books


Eden Lai

Eden is a photographer based in Taiwan.  His photography is about the process of a series of collisions between extempore and ambiguous. He says " When I walked at the street holding my camera, I appreciate the creations of God and the every present moment… I see myself as a thief and my camera is the tool for me to steal, I steal in a split second by capturing the scene when no one pays attention of my existence."

eden lai website

eden lai on facebook


Hean Kuan Ong

Hean Kuan Ong was born in Penang Island, Malaysia. He is a software engineer at work, taking photographs at daily life. His photography works mainly focus on street and documentary. He traveled to various asian cities documenting local lifestyle with his style of street photography; cities visited include Tibet, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sri Lanka and Singapore. He started his indie photo book publisher WOB at Feb 2016, and published his debut photo zine "HOME TOWN" documenting the livings of Penang island.

hean kuan ong portfolio

hean kuan ong on tumblr


Negar Yaghmaian

Negar is an Iranian photographer based in Tehran. She has a BA in photography from Tehran Art University and got master certification in Documentary and photojournalism from IED Madrid. About her work, she says: "Pictures interest me as they associate with timeless stories, no matter if they document reality of the world outside or reflect feelings inside."

negar yaghmaian website